The Writing of Michael G. Munz

Author of The New Aeneid Cycle series and Zeus Is Dead: A Monstrously Inconvenient Adventure

Movie Review: Ant-Man

I wasn't expecting much out of Ant-Man. I really wasn't. Understand that this is coming from a guy who's seen and enjoyed (to varying degrees) all of the Marvel cinematic universe, but who's never … [Read more on the blog!]


Also from Michael G. Munz:

A Shadow in the Flames (Book One of the New Aeneid Cycle)

A Shadow in the Flames

There is more behind the fire that took his home than Michael Flynn would ever suspect, and more darkness in his only friend than he could ever admit to himself… [Read more!]

“A well-developed, multi-layered story that grabs the reader on page one and never lets go.” -Kenneth G. Bennett, Author of Exodus 2022


A Memory in the Black (Book Two of the New Aeneid Cycle)

A Memory in the Black

As a conspiracy to save humanity from itself struggles to unlock the secrets of an alien spacecraft, word of the craft’s discovery has leaked, and various groups plot to seize it for themselves… [Read more!]

“I’m hooked. I absolutely love it.” – JM Guillen, Author of On the Matter of the Red Hand

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